Perisher Valley sees over 600kg rubbish removal

Perisher Valley Rubbish Removal

National Parks and Wildlife Service has removed more than 600kg of rubbish from Perisher in Kosciuszko National Park, NSW.

The December clean-up was conducted with Perisher Resort staff as part of the Annual Clean-Up Perisher Day in Kosciuszko National Park. The efforts led to the removal of 70kg of scrapped steel, 5kg of cardboard and paper, 60kg of plastic and glass recycling.

Blue Lake Kosciuszko National Park Tim Scanlon, NPWS Environmental Liaison Officer said once the snow has melted, it reveals hidden rubbish from the winter season.

“The rubbish collected included gloves, food wrappers and drinks cartons, often dropped by skiers accidentally from the ski lifts during the winter,” he said.

“Over 100 Perisher staff and 20 NPWS staff took part in this year’s Annual Clean-Up Perisher Day, walking up and down the resort collecting huge bags of rubbish.”

Mr Scanlon said over one million people visit Kosciuszko National Park each year including many coming to experience it during the summer time.

“Fines of up to $250 to $500 can be issued for littering in NSW. NPWS staff will continue to patrol for littering in Kosciuszko National Park,” he said.

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