Scaling up the circular economy

Circular Economy

How progressive is Australia compared with the rest of the world when it comes to actioning circular economy principles? Waste Management Review investigates.

Over the years, much has been said about abandoning the “take, make, dispose” model of a product’s lifecycle in favour of a circular economy.

According to British registered charity the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the circular economy is an alternative to this traditional linear mode. The circular economy focuses on keeping resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value out of them and recovering them into new products at the end of their life.

The foundation notes today’s economic model has relied on large quantitates of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, a model that is reaching its physical limits.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation aims to progress the circular economy. In Australia, while the concept has been widely discussed, no such association exists.

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