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  • Small, medium and large skip bin companies are all on a level playing field. Get rated by your service - not your advertising budget.

  • Complete control, you can update your prices, service areas, and bin quantities whenever you want.

  • Upload your logo and get extensive exposure through our digital marketing efforts.

  • No need to chase up payment. All orders are settled on the day of booking via bank transfer.

  • No results, no cost. We only retains a fee when a bin is booked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should you enlist?
  2. What does it cost to be a waste contractor?

    It costs nothing to be a Waste Contractor (Vendor) on Skip Compare, you can register with us and see how it works by loading one or all of your bin products. With no additional cost, you get additional visibility and become accessible to a larger number of customers.

  3. What commission do we charge to waste contractors?
    1. As with any comparison website, there is a reasonable commission we retain from orders. Our business is dependent on your growth.
    2. The rate of this commission is displayed once you have registered and been approved as a Vendor, we only do this for privacy reasons.
    3. Commissions are based on a percentage of revenue and are always the same for every Vendor regardless of size or location. We are fair and transparent.
    4. All orders are paid on the day of delivery of the bin, the money is cleared in your nominated bank account prior to collection unless it is a same day collection.
  4. How do you confirm an order or a job?
    1. When a bin has been ordered through our website, Skip Compare will notify you by email. You are also able to check order status online.
    2. When receiving the notification, you need to reply via email that you accept the job asap, if you don’t return the notification within 24 hours of the delivery time we will need to re-appoint the job to another supplier.
    3. If the bin has been booked with a delivery time is within 24 hours, we will make a courtesy call to get a verbal acceptance.
  5. How is your brand identity maintained?

    Unlike 3rd party booking agents, Skip Compare is all about promoting your brand name, not just ours. We encourage you to upload your logo as it will be beneficial to receiving more orders if the customer can see who they are dealing with. Your bins can also carry your logo and name for branding purposes.

  6. Can you become a Secret Supplier?

    Some Vendors are hesitant to advertise their prices online, we hold the view that your competitors make it their business to know the prices in their market and the customers find out prices by calling around for quotes. Either way you see it, you can choose to load you bin prices under a “Secret Supplier” brand name which hides your identity until the order is placed and payment received.

  7. How are contact details maintained?

    Skip Compare will apply a “local to you” landline number that is only used on our website. If a customer wants to call to ask about any details in relation to placing the order over the phone or do’s and don’ts, we will answer the call in your company name. This will also free up your time by us providing you with a free answering service. Let Skip Compare handle the customer, while you deal with the orders.

  8. Which vendors are listed on priority?

    Skip Compare does not offer any priority to any Vendor, it doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large companies are all on a level playing field and all products are displayed in the same manner, but a good logo will help your success.

  9. How are Service Ratings maintained?

    We use a five-star ratings system; this ensures good operators will benefit from good customer service. Ratings would also help you differentiate yourself from other suppliers.

  10. How is Feedback maintained?

    Skip Compare provides customers with a facility to leave feedback on customer service but nothing is posted automatically. Having industry experience, we understand that there are situations where customers have unreasonable expectations such as overloading and loading bins with prohibited materials such as asbestos Etc. Before any negative feedback is posted, we will contact you to check the feedback is reasonable.

  11. What is vendor portal?

    Skip Compare’s Vendor portal allows you to adjust any or all of your prices that are live on our site instantly. You can also adjust service areas, bin quantities, bank details whenever you want.

  12. Is there a way ‘Hot Deals’ can be featured on Skip Compare?

    Skip Compare provides the facility to discount a particular bin size as a “Hot Deal”, the discount displays a graphic that stands out for customers to easily notice. The discount rate is selected on a percentage basis and is only live for 48 hours before it reverts to its regular price. You can only do this with one of your bin sizes for heavy or light waste at any given time. You might use this facility if you have a high number of a particular bin size in stock.

  13. Can trading days be selected?

    In your Vendor portal you can select your trading days for any normal working week, whether you trade 5, 6 or 7 days.

  14. Can Holidays or Off Days be identified?

    You can pause your account at any time when you are on a break for Christmas, Easter or any other public holiday