Why Should you Become a Vendor on Skip Compare

  • Get more COD orders
  • Get more exposure on a new digital platform
  • Free despatch phone answering service, receive orders without lifting a finger.


  1. Costs? - It costs nothing to be Skip Compare’s Waste Contractor (Vendor). Register with us for Free and see it in action by loading your bins.
  2. Commission?
    1. We only retain reasonable commission with the rate being displayed when you register (for your privacy).
    2. Commissions based on a percentage of revenue - always the same for every Vendor.
    3. All orders are paid on the day of delivery of the bin, the money is cleared in your nominated bank account prior to collection unless it is a same day collection.
  3. Confirmation / Accepting a job?
    1. Skip Compare will notify you by email and text when a bin is ordered. Status can be checked online.
    2. b. You confirm / accept via text or email, if you don’t return the notification within 24 hours, we re-appoint the job to another supplier.
    3. For bins booked with a delivery time within 24 hours, we make a call to get a verbal acceptance.
  4. Brand? – Unlike 3rd party booking agents, Skip Compare is all about promoting your brand name. We encourage you to upload your logo as it will be beneficial for branding. Your bins also carry your logo / trademark.
  5. Secret Supplier – Hesitant to advertise your price online? You can choose to load your bin prices as “Secret Supplier” brand name which hides your identity until the order is placed and payment received.
  6. Phone contact details – We will apply a “local to you” number that is only used on Skip Compare. When customer calls to ask about any details in relation to placing the order over the phone, we answer the call in your company name.
  7. Priority listings – Skip Compare does not offer any priority to any Vendor, small or large companies are all on a level playing field with all products displayed in similar manner.
  8. Service ratings – We use a five-star ratings system; this ensures good operators will benefit from good customer service.
  9. Feedback – Skip Compare allows customers to leave feedback; but nothing is posted automatically. Before any negative feedback is posted, we will contact you to check the feedback is reasonable.
  10. Vendor portal – Skip Compare’s Vendor portal allows you to adjust any or all of your prices that are live on our site instantly. Adjust service areas, bin quantities, bank details whenever you want.
  11. Hot deals – Facility to discount a particular bin size as a “Hot Deal”, that displays a graphic that stands out for customers to easily notice. You might use this facility if you have a high number of a particular bin size in stock.
  12. Trading days – In Vendor Portal you can select your trading days, whether you trade 5, 6 or 7 days.
  13. Holiday Periods – Pause your account any time when you are on a break for Christmas, Easter or any other public holiday
    1. We operate 24/7.

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